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Contact us for all of your disposable medical supplies/products

At Omnisurge, we are personally committed to bring you the best quality disposable medical supplies/products for the best possible price. We always strive to go the extra mile to help you fulfil your medical supplies/product requirements.

We understand how important it is to get your medical supplies in the quickest time. In response to this, a one hour correspondence response time is our commitment to you. We will respond to your correspondence within ONE hour after it is received, during working hours.  

At Omnisurge, we want to make sure you can always count on us. We listen to what you say because we value your opinion and comments about our products and services. It’s the only way to ensure that we can always meet your needs.

We have taken the hassle out of international trade by sourcing the best disposable medical supplies/products.
Our bulk medical supplies are direct from reliable suppliers which allow us to ensure that you receive the highest
quality wholesale medical supplies. From latex gloves for medical surgeries to disposable medical supplies,
we have it all.


First Aid Kits for all emergencies.

Accidents happen all the time, whether it’s a burn from working with hot water or a sprained ankle on the sports field. In these situations you need to be prepared. A first aid kit is a basic necessity for every home or office and for every person regardless if you are cooking, playing sport or are involved in any activity. A first aid kit ensures that you can treat the problem quickly and efficiently and possibly even reduce the amount of damage until a professional can arrive on the scene.

We at Omnisurge  are wholesaler first aid kit suppliers that have a variety of first aid kits in stock. We stock general and office medical first aid kits, car and recreation medical first aid kits, and travel and sport medical first aid kits. We have a variety of first aid kits on offer, depending on what exactly your target market is.

Contents of a first-aid kit should include the following:

  • Triangular & Elastic Gauze Bandages 
  • Butterfly & Knuckle Plasters 
  • Antiseptic Tissue & Cleaning Wipes 
  • PVC Latex Gloves for an increased sense of hygiene and safety  
  • Thermometer & Safety Pins 
  • Adhesive Tape & Dressing 
  • M-Utility Scissors & Tweezers 
  • CPR Face Shield & Eye Pad 
  • Elastic Strap Tourniquets 
  • Various sizes of Gauze Swabs 
  • Alcohol Pad & Combine Pad 

Wheelchairs to aid in the recovery process.

After any major operation, mobility is invariably affected. A Wheelchair or Rollator is a vital tool in facilitating rehabilitation. We are medical suppliers that make sure you have the necessary mobility equipment available, in order to facilitate a proper and speedy recovery for all of your patients.

Omnisurge supplies medical equipment solutions which allow you to take advantage of the best wholesale medical supplies at the best possible price.

We are not just your preferred medical supplies provider - we are your partner.